Four More Trouble-Makers Join the Cast of "Anime-Gataris"

Original TV anime about an anime club and the possible end of the world hits Tokyo MX on October 08, 2017


Four more eccentric characters have joined the cast of Anime-Gataris, an upcoming original TV anime about an ordinary high school anime club and the possible end of the world. The new cast members include:



Hironori Kondou as Neko-senpai, a mysterious cat-like organism that lives in the anime club's room and speaks human languages. Neko-senpai seems to have many names. Only Minoa can understand him. His favorite things are canned cat food and fish. Neko-senpai tries to tell Minoa about the imminent destruction of the world, but since he's ultimately just a cat, he's not very helpful. His favorite anime are ones involving animals, and he's more of a Serval fan than a Raccoon fan.



Inori Minase as Maya Asagaya, Minoa's elder sister. Maya is a 3rd year student who belongs to the lacrosse team, and she's a very nurturing person. She used to watch anime when she was a child, and she becomes interested in it again when Minoa joins the anime club. Unlike Minoa, Maya is an excellent student who excels in the sciences, and her favorite subjects are tardigrades and carbon resistance. Maya is studying hard to pass her college entrance exams.



Ai Kakuma as Ai Asagaya, Minoa's mother. Ai used to be a professional performing artist, but she retired after marrying Shugo. She's a skilled dancer and she occasionally accepts assignments as a choreographer for her friends. She refers to her husband as "Papa" in public and as "Shugo-kun" in private. Ai's recent hobbies include making jar salads, and her favorite combination is tomato and arugula. Ai is a proud mother, and she's happy that Minoa is involved in a school club.



And Kenta Zaima as Shugo Asagaya, Minoa's father. Shugo works at a major publishing company in Tokyo. He's a proud father who enjoys living with his wife and two children, but he's been a bit concerned recently that his teenage daughters are at an impressionable age and they don't listen to him anymore. Shugo is very interested in Minoa's anime club activities.



The story of Anime-Gataris follows Minoa Asagaya, a freshman student at Sakeneko Private High School. Although she's just a novice when it comes to anime, Minoa is recruited into the school's anime research club and quickly acquires a taste for animation. Soon Minoa and her friends are so obsessed with anime that they'll talk about it anywhere (in Akihabara, in "sacred sites", in the hot springs, etc.), despite the protestations of the student council and the possible imminent destruction of the world.



Anime-Gataris is directed by Kenshirō Morii and features animation by Wao World. The series will broadcast on Tokyo MX beginning on October 08, 2017, and on BS11 beginning on October 11, 2017.




Official Anime-Gataris TV anime home page


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