Be as Pretty as Jackie Chan in new "Street Fighter" Lingerie

Chun Li and Cammy designs now available.


From the team that brought you [email protected] shoes and heart-breakingly beautiful Utena jewelry comes a combination of comfortable and kick-ass. CAPCOM and fashion site Super Groupies have teamed up to create Street Fighter lingerie, modeled after fan favorites Chun Li and Cammy.



The blue satin Chun Li set (three pieces) has two ribbons on the bra straps, underwire on the bra, and gold finish on the bra and skirt. Plain blue panties aren't visible, but are included to wear under the skirt.


Cammy's set, as one might expect, is built more for comfort, with a padded bra rather than an underwire. The moss green with red trim is evocative of her leotard, trimmed with camo edging.


The Chun Li set is 8,800 yen, and the Cammy set is 7,800 yen.


No word yet on if we'll be getting a Zangief set.


>> Street Fighter Lingerie Order Page

>> Watch Street Fighter II on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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