Fix Your Posture with Huggable "Touken Ranbu" Cushion

Konnosuke pillow plushie helps you stay comfy at the computer.


Hey, you. Sit up straight.


Most of us are guilty of bad posture to some degree (including the person writing this post), but it can be a bit hard to monitor. Fortunately, Premium Bandai is teaming up with the creators of Touken Ranbu to make a cuddly friend who'll help you straighten your spine.


The Konnosuke cushion sits in your lap, with his paws resting on a patterned blue pillow. That's also where you put your own paws -- er, hands. Konnosuke's size and seating ensures that you'll sit up straighter, and the pillow encourages a healthier hand position to avoid carpal tunnel issues.



The pillow is Konnosuke's own little keyboard, which snaps onto his paws. So you can detach it as desired. After all, he's super cute on his own.




The cushion retails for 6,264 yen from Premium Bandai. Reservations are still being accepted, and the item is expected to start shipping out in December.


>> Konnosuke PC Cushion from Premium Bandai

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