Viz Media Announces Plans For "Homestuck" Related Partnership

A full-color, hardcover collector’s edition of the Homestuck webcomic is planned for early 2018

Game development studio What Pumpkin Games (WPG), Hiveswap: Act 1, an adventure game set in the same universe as the Homestuck webcomic. Addition, Viz Media, best known as a publisher of manga, entered into a partnership with HIVESWAP, WPG and Homestuck, Inc. to develop a comprehensive array of additional entertainment content and licensed merchandise based on the Homestuck universe, including both the original webcomic and the HIVESWAP game series.


A full-color, hardcover collector’s edition of the Homestuck webcomic, featuring page-by-page commentary from creator Andrew Hussie, will launch in early 2018. More information on these developments will be available at a later date.


The works are described

HIVESWAP is a point-and-click adventure video game series that features beautiful, hand-drawn 2D animation and a gorgeous, hyper-detailed world to fully explore. Designed with an eye toward attracting newcomers unfamiliar with the wider HOMESTUCK universe while also appealing to long-time fans, every interaction between the player and the game’s environment, no matter how minor or seemingly obscure, has a unique result. Dive into HIVESWAP and play as Joey Claire, a problem-solving teen snatched out of her own time (1994) and place (Earth) and stranded on ALTERNIA, a hostile alien planet on the brink of teen rebellion. Additional information on HIVESWAP is available at:

Written, illustrated and animated by creator Andrew Hussie, HOMESTUCK is one of the most spectacular pop-culture phenomena of the past decade, a unique and massive internet-based hybrid work consisting of webcomics, chat logs, gifs, video games, animation and music. Launched in 2009, HOMESTUCK comprises over 8,000 pages encompassing such diverse genres such as action/adventure, sci-fi and fantasy, comedy, romance, and drama. Beloved by legions of devoted fans for its extensive world-building and engaging characters, it’s a coming-of-age story about a group of friends who start playing a mysterious new videogame that triggers the apocalypse. They can’t save the world, but they can work together to create a new universe–if they can beat the game. Additional information on HOMESTUCK is available at:

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