Listening to This New "Undertale" Album Fills You with Determination

"Strings of Determination" anniversary album launches preview trailer.


It's hard to believe it's been two years since Frisk fell underground and started fighting, forgiving, and dating their way through the world of monsters. In honor of the game's two-year anniversary, video game music producer Materia Collective has released an album of Undertale covers with a twist.


Strings of Determination is 46 tracks of string arrangements of the game's various themes. From gentle guitar riffs of incidental music to battle themes cranked out on electric violin, YouTuber String Player Gamer (Diwa de Leon) recreates the world of the game with his own spin.


Here's a sample of what the set has to offer:



As for the album's art, it was drawn by de Leon's daughter, a fellow Undertale fan.


UNDERTALE: Strings of Determination is four volumes of officially licensed cover music, coming out today on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify.


>> Official UNDERTALE: Strings of Determination Site

>> String Player Gamer's YouTube Channel

>> Official Undertale Website


Source: Scarlet Moon




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