Listen "Welcome to the Ballroom" 2nd Cour OP Song by Unison Square Garden in Latest PV

The band's 12th single song "Invisible Sensation" will be featured from the 12th episode

The official Japanese website for the ongoing TV anime adaptation of Tomo Takeuchi's competitive dancing-themed manga Welcome to the Ballroom is today updated with a 5th key visual featuring the protagonist Tatara Fujita (CV: Shimba Tsuchiya) and a new character Chinatsu Hiyama (Chinatsu Akasaki).



The site also posted a 90-second 6th PV introducing its new OP song "Invisible Sensation" performed by

three-member rock band UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, whose 11th single song "10% roll, 10% romance"

was used from the anime's first to 11th episodes. Their 12th single song "Invisible Sensation" will be

used from the next 12th episode to be aired in Japan this Saturday, September 23, and its CD single

will be available at stores on November 8.


In addition, the PV introduces other new characters who will join in the second cour: Akira Koumoto (Aoi

Yuuki), Masami Kugimiya (Takahiro Sakurai), and Chizuru Hongo (Minako Kotobuki). 





Source: TV anime "Welcome to the Ballroom" official website, Twitter


©Tomo Takeuchi, Kodansha/Ogasawara Dance Studio


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