More Details on Kyoto's "One Piece" Exhibition

Daikaku-ji's story art exhibit pulls back the curtain on a fearsome new Devil Fruit.


The latest of the One Piece 20th anniversary festivities kicks off next month, in the form of an art exhibit in Kyoto. As previously reported, Kyoto will be hosting a citywide event, showing off One Piece art while encouraging tourists to check out major parts of their city.


In addition, the Buddhist temple Daikaku-ji will be hosting a "story art exhibition" entitled One Piece Art Nue - Flower of the Beast, Princess, and Oath. The sode story features two new characters -- Prince Lark and his fiancee Kiku -- who are attacked by a Japanese chimera called a nue during their wedding ceremony. Of course, they seek out the Straw Hat Pirates for help.



But there's another side to the story, from the point of view of the deserter Tora Tsugu. Late one night, as Tora stumbled along a moonlit beach, he caught sight of a mysterious fruit. Starving, he bit into it... and since this is One Piece, we can guess what happened. The Devil Fruit turned Tora into a nue -- with the face of a monkey, the body of a tanuki, the limbs of a tiger, and a snake for a tail.



The exhibit will combine One Piece characters with traditional Japanese art as the story is told visually.



The Daikaku-ji exhibit will be on display as part of Kyoto's city-wide installation, which runs from October 7-22.


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