"Saikano" and "your name." Staff Create Romance Anime about Winter Tires

Big names converge to create anime short "ROAD TO YOU."


Creating anime in conjunction with businesses or products is nothing new -- YKK's Fastening Days and Subaru's Wish Upon the Pleiades are two more recent examples of this. So Dunlop's upcoming winter tire anime, ROAD TO YOU, is par for the course at this point.


The upcoming anime short has, however, pulled in a pretty impressive group to make it happen. The Answer Studio, one of the studios behind anime production for your name., will be releasing it. Saikano and Kimi no Kakera creator Shin Takahashi supplies the character designs, and Keina Suda (originally known as Balloon) will compose the music.



The short will reflect on three types of love: romantic love, love of family, and love of your hometown. It takes place during the holidays in Sapporo and Otaru, and these three loves converge as the winter illumination lights up the towns.


Oh, and it's all for the sake of the WINTER MAXX 02: the new winter tire from Sumimoto's Dunlop Tires.


ROAD TO YOU ~Kimi he to Tsuzuku Michi~ premieres October 11 at midnight, featuring the theme song "Amador."


>> ROAD TO YOU Official Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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