"Encouragement of Climb" OVA "Omoide Present" Confirmed to Have Two Episodes

Theatrical screenings is scheduled to begin on October 28

The official website for the anime project based on Shiro's mountaineering-themed slice of life manga Yama no Susume/Encouragement of Climb confirmed today that its upcoming OVA Omoide Present will include two episodes, "Present 1 Summer Kokona's August 31" and "Present 2 Autumn Hinata's October 28."


"Present 1 Summer Kokona's August 31"

On August 31. Kokona had made a promise with her beloved mother to go out on the last day of the summer holidays. However, her mother can't go out with her because of an urgent job. Kokona decides to walk alone around the Hanno town. On the way, she remembers the days of her childhood when she spent with her mother...


"Present 2 Autumn Hinata's October 28"

"Tenranzan, Mt. Takao, Mitsutouge!" Aoi and Hinata are looking at pictures of the mountains they climbed,

filled with precious memories. Accidentally, Hinata opens a treasure chest in Aoi's room and founds a

handcrafted and clumsy accessory. With that as a start, she remembers one day in her childhood when

she spent together with Aoi.



Theatrical screenings of the two newly-produced episodes are scheduled to begin in six Aeon Cinema

theaters in Japan (two in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Aichi, Osaka) on October 28, 2017, and its theater-

limited edition Blu-ray will be sold at the theaters at the same time.



"Yama no Susume: Omoide Present" trailer


Theme song "Omoide Creators" anime MV


CD jacket illustration



Poster visual



OVA/TV anime third season main staff:


 Director: Yusuke Yamamoto (1st and 2nd season)

 Character Designer/Chief Animation Director: Yusuke Matsuo (1st and 2nd season)

 Scenario: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (2nd season)

 Music: [email protected]/yamazo (2nd season)

 Anime Production: 8bit (1st and 2nd season)



Source: "Yama no Susume/Encouragement of Climb" anime official website, Twitter


© Siro/Earth Star Entertainment/Encouragement of Climb Production Committee


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