Forget The Haters - "Heybot" DVD Set Pre-Order Campaign An Unqualified Success

All tiers for crowd-funding inspired "Project H" met

If you haven't been paying attention, take comfort in the knowledge that as of the end of September, new episodes of Heybot are no long afflicting this suffering world. On the other hand, the 50-episode run of the absolutely absurd anime tied to Bandai's toy/multi-media project is going to be collected into a DVD set, which was offered in a July 28-October 15th crowd-funding inspired "Project H" through Movic. The final count was announced, and the Screwed up project more than doubled the top-tier requirement. 


The final pre-order count was 6,432.


Tiers included:

300 - video bonuses (clean opening/ending, digital production art collection0

400 - special box art (progress on that in the Tweets below), audio commentary on 4 episodes

500 - papercraft with moving gimmick

1000 - subtitled, soundtrack CD

2000 - book collecting staff thank-you messages

3000 - All-region Blu-ray collection with subtitles in four languages


Crunchyroll describes the series:

The story takes place on Screw Island, a screw-shaped island nation where people make audiences laugh through the practice of "VocabBattles," heated gag contests in which "VocabBots" place "VocabScrews" on their heads and compete to come up with the funniest joke. Everything in this world is decided through VocabBattles! The unlikely duo of Heybot, the bungling VocabBot protagonist, and his partner, the easygoing prince Nejiru, are the stars in this ridiculous gag story.





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