3rd "Chihayafuru" Live-Action Film "Musubi" Teaser, Poster Visual Posted for March 17, 2018 Release

All of the main cast reprise their roles in the final installment

One and half year after the release of the second part "Shimo no Ku" (The Second Line) in April 2016, the official website for the live-action film project based on Yuki Suetsugu's shoujo manga series Chihayafuru today posted a poster visual and a 30-second teaser trailer for its upcoming third part "Musubi" (The Conclusion) for a March 17, 2018 release.


The story of "Musubi" is set two years after the second film, the third year of the protagonist Chihaya Ayase and other main characters in their high school. Back in April, producer Naoki Kitajima confirmed that it was expected be the final installment of the live-action series due to the actors' age. 


In addition to the main cast who reprise their roles, including 19-year-old Suzu Hirose as Chihaya Ayase, the clip also introduces a new character for the third part, Hisashi Suou played by 28-year-old

Kento Kaku, the current karuta national champion and also the strongest meijin (master).




Poster visual



The first two films, "Kami no Ku" (The First Line) and "Shimo no Ku" were filmed together in summer of

2015. Then the 111-minute first one was released on March 19, 2016, and earned 1.63 billion yen. The

102-minute second one followed on April 29 of the year with 1.22 billion yen.


"Chihayafuru: Kami no Ku/Shimo no Ku" trailer


"Kami no Ku" poster visual


"Shimo no Ku" trailer


"Shimo no Ku" poster visual


Source: "Chihayafuru" live-action film project official website, Twitter


© 2018 Movie "Chihayafuru" Production Committee

© Yuki Suetsugu/Kodansha


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