Ka-King! Ka-Ching! Score Some Adorable Mash Kyrielight Glasses

Don the specs of your devoted Shielder kouhai with new "Fate/Grand Order" tie-in accessory.


Provided you're not on Fate/ overload already, you'll definitely want a look at the mobile installation's new collaboration with Eye Mirror. Fans can pick up a sleek replica of Demi-Servant Mash Kyrielight's glasses starting this weekend.



The specs are a direct replica of Mash's own, with a few extra bells and whistles. On the left side is a tiny reproduction of her epic shield, and the inside of the earpiece sports a tiny silhouette of her faithful friend and mascot, Fou.



The set also includes a branded glasses case, a glasses wipe featuring art of Mash in her "civilian" clothes, and -- as a pre-purchase bonus -- an extra glasses wipe featuring Fou.



This isn't Eye Mirror's first collab with the franchise. Earlier this year, they released a pair of Unlimited Blade Works glasses frames themed to Saber (Altria Pendragon) and Archer (EMIYA).


The glasses go on sale October 28 at local specialty eyewear stores and by mail-order.


>> Eye Mirror / Fate/Grand Order Collaboration Page

>> Official Fate/Grand Order Website

>> Watch Fate/Grand Order -First Order- on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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