Kyoto Animation Produces TV Anime "TSURU-NE: Kazemai High School Japanese Archery Club" for NHK in 2018

Novel's 2nd volume is also scheduled to be released in near future

Japan's national public station NHK announced at the press conference by its broadcasting commissioner today on October 23 that a TV anime adaptation of Kotoko Ayano's light novel TSURU-NE: Kazemai High School Japanese Archery Club will be aired on its main television channel NHK General TV sometime in 2018. Kyoto Animation works on anime production.


With its original title Yata no Moriyumi Doujyou (Yata Training Hall for Forest Archery), the novel received the 7th Kyoto Animation Awards' Special Recognition Award in the novel category. Then with the current title TSURU-NE: Kazemai High School Japanese Archery Club ("tsuru-ne" means the sound of a bowstring), it was published from Kyoto Animation's own light novel label KA Esuma Bunko in December 2016.


It will be the sixth title from the award to get animated by Kyoto Animation, following Torako's

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions (1st/2010), Nagomu Torii's Beyond the Boundary (2nd/2011),

Kouji Ouji's High Speed! (2nd/2011), Souichiro Hatano's Phantom World (4th/2013), and Kana

Akatsuki's Violet Evergarden (5th/2014).



The story centers on Minato Narumiya, who was a member of his middle school Japanese archery

club but has decided to never draw his bow again after the loss in his team's final match because

of "something" happened to him.


After entering Kazemai High School, he is invited to join the archery club by his childhood friends

Seiya Takehaya and Ryohei Yamanouchi, but he turns the offer. Afterward, he goes out for a bike

ride and meets Masaki Takagawa, aka Masa-san, who is a shrewd archer, at Yata no Moriyumi Doujyou

(Yata Training Hall for Forest Archery).


As spending time at the hall, he starts realizing his true feeling that he wants to draw again.

Then he decides to face "the thing" that has made him to quit from archery, and stand before the

target once again. Alongside Seiya and Ryohei, he joins the Kazemai High Archery Club and aims

to win the Prefectural Championship with the club members, including Kaito Onogi Kaito, who acts

against him, and Nanao Kisarag, who behaves like a "sparkling prince".


Novel cover





According to the post on KA Esuma Bunko's official Twitter in August, the second volume has been in the works.


Source: Mantan Web


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