"PreCure a la Mode" Rolls Out Cute Colorful Coords for Fall

Character cardigans and bracelets now available at Broccoli online shop.


Fans of the PreCure franchise can always expect an influx of merchandise with the introduction of each new team. For autumn, the girls of KiraKira☆PreCure a la Mode! can stock up on cute, fashionable fall accessories while also showing love for their favorite character.


Daily Dream Closet, Broccoli's fashion line for girls, kicks off the new set with two light cardigans: the pastel "Let's la Middle School!" and the darker-toned "Let's la High School!" Each has character image colors at the sleeves and pockets (Whip/Custard/Gelato/Parfait on the lighter one, Chocolat and Macaron on the darker one), as well as a small embroidered Sweets Pact logo on the chest. Both verisons are available in either M or L sizes for 6,900 yen each.



Also available are six bracelets -- one for each Cure -- accented with rhinestones, a colored bead, and a charm bearing the Cure's name and a silhouette of their theme animal. Each is 1,600 yen before tax.



Cure Whip:

Cure Custard:

Cure Gelato:

Cure Macaron:

Cure Chocolat:

Cure Parfait:

Orders will be taken on all items until November 27, and items will be shipped in February 2018.


>> Broccoli order page

>> Official KiraKiraPreCure a la Mode! Website

>> Watch Pretty Cure on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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