Anime Industry Income Hits 2.9 Trillion Yen Milestone

Experts explain the boom as a result of an expanding overseas market, movie screenings, & more


According to The Association of Japanese Animations, an industry group representing about 100 anime production companies, in 2016 the anime industry reached an industry income milestone of 2.9 trillion yen (about $25.5 billion US) for the first time in history.



The group calculates business done in 9 areas, including movies, television shows, home video distribution, and overseas distribution. According to the AJA, overseas movie distribution and overseas home video distribution accounts for about 767.6 billion yen (about $6.8 billion US) in sales, while the next biggest category, character goods, accounts for about 562.7 billion yen (about $5 billion US) in sales.



The AJA states that the increasingly diverse methods of enjoying Japanese animation domestically and abroad spur the industry's continued growth, citing live concerts, voice actor events, and mega-popular movies such as Makoto Shinkai's your name. as examples. ACA vice-committee chairman Hiromichi Masuda noted that as a result of in-roads into overseas markets, it's possible that the size of the industry will expand even further in the future.


Source: NHK News World via My Game News Flash


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