"Fate/Grand Order" Is Chill with Doujin: Here Are Their Rules

Game creators lay down the rules for making your own Servant-inspired creations.


What's permissible and what's verboten in the world of anime fan works is slowly getting less blurry. Rights holders are coming forward swiftly to shut down doujin creations, with Love Live! being one of the most notable to lay down a zero-tolerance policy. Often, the statements given are so broad and generalized that it's hard to tell how "zero" the zero-tolerance is.


Fortunately, Fate/Grand Order fans don't have that issue. Type-Moon has released their guidelines for doujin/derivative works, both with regards to what can be made and what can be sold.



According to the company's guidelines, doujin works may not include art or animation lifted directly from the game, branding or logos either lifted from the game or designed to be evocative thereof, game scenarios, or music. Characters and their likenesses may be reproduced, however, and reference can be made to official game scenarios provided the main scenario is an original fan creation. Additionally, no cover art from the Fate/ franchise may be lifted for the purposes of doujin project covers.


As for sales, doujin creations may only be distributed or sold as clearly fan-made items as part of doujin events/tables, and may not be distributed commercially.


3D representations of the characters, such as model kits, may not be created or distributed.



Type-Moon has also promised to keep their rules updated, should the standards change at any point.


>> Official Fate/Grand Order Website

>> Watch Fate/Grand Order -First Order- on Crunchyroll

Source: Otakomu.jp




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