Japan's "Fate/GO" Halloween Introduces New Servants and Upgraded Carmilla

Osakabehime joins the brawl, and Elizabeth Báthory is two robots because of course she is.


It wouldn't be Halloween in Fate/Grand Order without Elizabeth Báthory causing a scene. And while America is dealing with her first mad party as we speak, Japan is already on to its third Halloween event. This time, the half-dragon idol has gotten herself an upgrade -- in the form of Mecha Eli-chan and Mecha Eli-chan II.



The two new four-star Berserker-class Servants fight you with eye beams, missiles, and (of course) rocket punches, all to a hot-blooded video game soundtrack. Finish the main story line, and you'll get a reactor that lets you power up either Mecha Eli-chan or Mecha Eli-chan II -- but only one of the pair, so choose wisely! Battles in the event also drop mecha-themed treats, which you can trade for new Craft Essences and Ascension materials.



Also arriving is Osakabehime, a shut-in princess based on the legendary yokai of the same name. Her elegant Noble Phantasm gives your team a boost.


And last but not least, Carmilla has received updated animations. Check out her new moves, including an upgraded Phantom Maiden.



Sadly, it will still be a couple of years until North America gets these additions. We're currently playing what in Japan was the 2015 Halloween event -- meanwhile, Japan is on to a bridge story before the second installment of the mobile game.


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