"Yo-kai Watch Shadowside" Film's New Trailer Teases Guest Appearance of "GeGeGe no Kitaro" Characters

4th "Yo-kai Watch" feature film is set to be released in Japan on December 16, 2017

The official website for Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: Oniou no Fukkatsu (The Return of The Oni King), the fourth feature film in the Yo-kai Watch anime franchise, released a 100-second new trailer introducing its main characters, including the two human protagonists, Natsume Amano (CV: Mone Kamishiraisi) and Touma Tsukinami (Yudai Chiba).


Kamishiraishi is best known for her portray as Mitsuha Miyamizu in Makoto Shinkai's mega-hit anime film Kimi no Na wa./Your Name. (2016), and her character Natsume is confirmed as a daughter of the ongoing TV anime series' protagonist Keita Amano. Chiba's best known tokusatsu role is Arata/Gosei Red in Tensou Sentai Goseiger (2010-2011)


In addition, the previously-reported guest appearance of the seven main characters from Shigeru Mizuki's Gegege no Kitaro manga series can be also confirmed in the end of the clip. The seven are:

Kitaro, his father Medama Oyaji, Nezumi Otoko, Neko Musume, Sunakake Babaa, Konaki Jijii, and

Ittan Momen.


In the film, while Kitaro is voiced by 80-year-old voice actress Masako Nozawa (Son Goku in Dragon

Ball/Dragon Ball Z), who voiced the character in the first two Gegege no Kitaro TV anime series in 1968-

1972, Nezumi Otoko is newly played by Akio Ohtsuka, a son of the original voice actor for the character,

the late Chikao Ohtsuka (1929-2015).


Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: Oniou no Fukkatsu is set for a release in Japan on December 16, 2017.



New trailer

Mone Kamishiraisi and Yudai Chiba


Poster visual



Source: "Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: Oniou no Fukkatsu" official website, Twitter


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