Watch First Six Minutes of "Dance with Devils-Fortuna-" Film

Music video for the theme song performed by Wataru Hatano is also streamed

Just one week before its theatrical release in Japan, the official website for Dance with Devils-Fortuna-, the upcoming compilation film of the 12-episode TV anime Dance with Devils in 2015, unleashed the first six minutes and 15 seconds of the film, introducing a newly-produced song "Sweet Grimoire".


The "musical anime" project is co-produced by Rejet, Elements Garden and avex pictures, and has included the TV anime, manga, Play Station VITA game, musicals, and live concerts by the cast. All of the character voices are re-recorded for the film edition. It has been confirmed that the film features six new songs (12 in total) and has six different epilogues for each main characters. Two different epilogues will be shown each week (one for one screening).


Dance with Devils-Fortuna- will be released in select seven theaters in Japan on November 4.


First six minute and 15 seconds from "Dance with Devils-Fortuna-"




In addition, a short version music video for the film's theme song "KING & QUEEN" performed by 35-

year-old voice actor Wataru Hatano, who is cast as Lindo Tachibana in the franchise, is also available

on avex's official YouTube channel. The song will be released as his 8th solo single on November 22.



CD jacket



"Dance with Devils-Fortuna-" trailer


Poster visual



Source: "Dance with Devils-Fortuna-" official website, Twitter


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