Kyoto Animation Leads Swap Roles To Celebrate Movies

Futoshi Nishiya and Shoko Ikeda pay tribute to KyoAni movies

Anime movie Sound! Euphonium: Todoketai Melody opened in Japan on September 20th. Free! - Take Your Marks - opened on October 28th (before that Timeless Medly was on April 22nd, then July 1st). Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!: Take On Me opens January 6th. Kyoto Animation has been celebrating these with a series of character designer subject swaps, which the studio has shared.



 from Futoshi Nishiya - character designer/chief animation director on Free!, also animation director on episodes of Sound! Euphonium, plus the season2 op/ed, and episodes of Chu2Koi


From Sound! Euphonium character designer/animation director Shoko Ikeda (plus episodes of Free! and Chu2Koi)


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