Pet Life is Pur-fect in "Mameneko" TV Anime

Adaptation based on "laidback, fluffy cat life" manga by Nekomaki hits airwaves in Japan in January of 2018


Fans of frisky felines are in for a treat, because Mameneko, a "laidback, fluffy cat life" manga by Nekomaki, is being adapted into a TV anime that will begin broadcasting in Japan in January of 2018. An official website and Twitter feed (@anime_mameneko) have been published for the series.



The series follows the daily lives of a naughty female cat named Azuki and a quiet male cat named Daizu who live with their owner, a 30 year old office lady, and her extended family, including an otaku elder brother and an adopted shiba inu dog who thinks he's a cat.



The Mameneko manga is published in Japan by Sakurasha. The title of the series means "Bean Cats", because both Azuki and Daisu are named after different types of beans. To date, 8 volumes of Mameneko have been released.


Source: Ota-suke


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