"One Piece" Makes Grand Promises For Mysterious Game Project

Prepare for more "Dawn" hype

There are two notable One Piece game projects on the horizon. Both were announced over the summer. There's Grand Cruise. It's for the PlayStation VR, but, beyond that, little is known. There's also what was given the code name "Dawn." It involves Shueisha, Toei Animation, and Bandai Namco, plus the cooperation of Eiichiro Oda. Beyond that, and the description of being "unprecedented," nothing is known. An early look at the hype is at least suggesting something about the premise.




Last year, Oda said in regards to the manga he'd wrap up the Whole Cake Island arc and run into the Reverie council of kings and Wano arcs in 2017.  Then, over the summer, One Piece editor Takumi Naito and publisher Shueisha's Taku Sugita said Wano will be amazing... the biggest thing to hit the series since The Marine Ford arc.

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