"Land of the Lustrous" Reveals Cover Art for OP/ED Singles

Yuko Sanpei of "BORUTO" also makes her debut in the fantasy action series.


It's a big week for the anime adaptation of Land of the Lustrous, with Yuko Sanpei arriving on the scene as new character Aculeatus. Sanpei is well-known to anime fans for a number of her roles, including Cure Dream in the Yes! PreCure 5 series and films and the title ninja in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Also this week, the series has premiered the covers for its OP and ED singles, which are set to be released next month.


"Kyoumen no Nami" - YURiKA

"Kirameku Hamabe" - Yuiko Ohara

Both singles go on sale December 6, at a price of 1,300 yen each for the anime cover, or 1,200 yen yeach for the artist cover.


>> Land of the Lustrous Official Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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