Employment is Like Herding Cats in "Working Buddies!" TV Anime

Short-form comedy about making a living from an animal's perspective hits Tokyo MX in January of 2018


The part time job market can be tough, especially when you don't have opposable thumbs! That's the premise of Working Buddies! (known as Hataraku Oniisan! in the original Japanese), an upcoming short-form TV anime about a pair of college classmate cats trying to earn some cash on the side.


The main staff for Working Buddies! includes:


  • Original work, series composition: Yoshiki Usa (GOOD SMILE COMPANY)
  • Director: Tomoya Takashima
  • Screenplays: Hiromu Kumamoto
  • Character design: Haruka Oda
  • Music: R・O・N 
  • Animation production: Tomovies
  • Production: Working Buddies! Production Committee!



The main cast for Working Buddies! includes:


  • Kentaro Tomita as Tapio Chatarozawa.
  • Takuya Mizoguchi as Kuehiko Roshihara.
  • And Tomokazu Sugita as That Animal That Shall Not be Named.


Working Buddies! will broadcast on Tokyo MX on Fridays during the 21:54 time slot (9:54 PM JST) beginning on January 05, 2018, and on BS Fuji during the 23:55 time slot (11:55 PM JST) beginning on January 08, 2018. Each episode will be approximately 5 minutes in length.




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