Manga And Anime Artists Pay Tribute To Pocky Date - "Fairy Tail" Author's Proves Fatal

Celebrate the 11.11 snack holiday!

First and foremost, happy Veteran's Day to our American readers. On a far less serious note, some otaku "holidays" use linguistic puns and dual meanings that are obscure to English speakers but November 11th is Pocky Day for the simple reason that 11.11 looks like a pack of the popular Glico made snack food sticks. 


Fairy Tail author Hiro Mashima was among the social media celebrants:



Gangsta author kohske


Saber Marionette character designer and Gundam manga author Tsukasa Kotobuki (also celebrating Kamille's birthday)


Bones animator Mari Suzuki


Maid Dragon assistant


Kei Sasuga (GE - Good Ending)




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