Japan Is Hosting a Real Zodiac War Next Month

"JUNI TAISEN" game event lets players match wits for prizes. And probably no dying.


Ever been watching an episode of JUNI TAISEN and thought you'd like to give it a go? As usual, Japan is one step ahead of you, and plans are afoot to host a Zodiac War next month.


Fortunately, you won't be killing anyone or swallowing poison. As far as we know.



The JUNI TAISEN Game Event will take place at the Creator's District event space in the Jinbocho district of Tokyo. Rather than actual battles, participants will engage in logic puzzles and mental battles to become the last fighter standing. Participants will also have a chance to test their knowledge of the characters of JUNI TAISEN throughout the game and potentially win some extra prizes in the process.


The game will take place twice: once on December 9th and once on the 10th. Preregistration is 1,500 yen, with at-door tickets priced at 1,800 yen.


>> Official JUNI TAISEN Website

>> Watch JUNI TAISEN on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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