"A Place Further Than the Universe" Journeys to Crunchyroll in January

Madhouse's latest original TV anime features high school girls making an Antarctic expedition


Grab your parkas and your heavy winter boots, because A Place Further Than the Universe - an original TV anime about a group of high school girls making an expedition to Antarctica - is coming to Crunchyroll in January of 2018.


Crunchyroll describes the story of A Place Further Than the Universe as follows:


Our first step was always curiosity. For unseen sights, unheard sounds, unsmelled scents, untouched textures, untasted tastes, and unfelt excitement. We travel to find the bits and pieces that we’d forgotten at some point. Howling at 40 degrees, going mad at 50 degrees, screaming at 60 degrees, to the primordial lands beyond the great oceans, at the edge of the earth, far removed from human civilization. This is the story of four girls who travel to the Antarctic, further even than outer space.


The main cast for A Place Further Than the Universe includes:



Inori Minase as Mari Tamaki, a 2nd year high school student and the story's protagonist. Mari is bright and cheerful and has a positive attitude. She's adored by her friends, who call her by the nickname "Kimari". Although she is curious and self-reliant, she's not very good at being the center of attention, and often displays a timid side and sometimes fails to follow through with her goals.



Kana Hanazawa as Shirase Kobuchizawa, a 2nd year high school student who goes to the same school as Mari. Mari appears to be a dark-haired beauty with sober eyes, but in fact she's painfully shy and has trouble talking to people. When she speaks, it's usually to say something negative, so she's the easily misunderstood type. Shirase has few friends and is treated as a weirdo at school, where people refer to her as "South Pole" or "Shadow".



Yuka Iguchi as Hinata Miyake. Hinata is tiny, friendly, and gregarious. She is able to get along with anyone as if she were an elementary school age boy. Hinata is overflowing with curiosity and she hates being bored and feeling left out, so she is quick to jump at any opportunity to make friends. 


And Saori Hayami as Yuzuki Shiraishi, a 1st year high school student who is one grade below Kimari. Yuzuki lives in Hokkaido. At her mother's urging, Yuzuki has been a child actor since she was little. As a result of frequently appearing in media and working from a young age, Yuzuki is more cynical and mature than her age would indicate. Although outwardly polite, inwardly Yuzuki is deeply unhappy and filled with complaints.



A Place Further Than the Universe is directed by Atsuko Ishizuka and features animation by MADHOUSE. More information, including available regions and the release schedule, will be revealed at a later date.

Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME! Anime Fun Time.

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