Give Thanks for Scáthach in Next "Fate/Grand Order" Event

Lancer becomes part of Daily Pickup Summon starting on November 22.


Once you're done grabbing your Demon Archer and (if you're luckier than us) Sakura Saber, start saving up your tickets and Saint Quartz for Fate/Grand Order's new girl. Scáthach, mentor to Cú Chulainn and wielder of Gae Bolg, will be joining the game starting on Thanksgiving Day.



Voiced by Mamiko Noto (Ai Enma of Hell Girl) and wielding the devastating Noble Phantasm "Gae Bolg Alternative," Scáthach is a limited-time Servant and -- for now, at least -- can only be summoned during special events.


Hang in there, Masters! And if you manage to grab Scáthach... don't tell us, we'll just get jealous.


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Source: Fate/Grand Order Facebook page




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