More "Pripara" Idol Songs Get Remixed in "Ultra Mega Mix Collection 2" Album

13-song clubsound remix album will be available on December 8

Following the success of the first album released in June of this year, Avex is ready to release "PriPara Ultra Mega Mix Collection 2" that includes another 13 songs' clubsound remix versions (EDM, trance, eurobeat) from the mega popular idol-themed anime series PriPara on December 8, and its eight-minute preview video is now available on the company's official YouTube channel. 


The first PriPara TV anime series was aired for three seasons with 140 episodes from July 2014 to March 2017. Then its sequel series Idol Time PriPara has been aired on TV Tokyo and its affiliates since April 2017. The album includes remix versions of the songs used in the former. 


"PriPara Ultra Mega Mix Collection 2" preview


Song list:


1. "Dream Parade" (DJ BOSS 90's Pop Techno Remix) / FriendAll


3. "Zettai Seimei final showjo" (KJAZBONGO Zettai Electro Remix ) / Shion Todo

4. "Twin mirror ? compact" (Taku Inoue Future Remix) / Dolothy West & Reona West

5. "Kimi 100% Junsei" (NJ zEn HYPER EURO RAVE Remix) / Cosmo Hojo

6. "Panic Labyrinth" (Blacklolita Future Bass Remix) / Ajimi Kiki

7. "Omuomurice" (DELACTION Remix) / Cosmic Omurice da Vinci

8. "What a WonderPri World!!" (Y&Co. Eurobeat Remix) / CelePara Kageki-dan

9. "Virtual Idol♥" (Y&Co. Dance Remix) / Meganee Akai

10. "Lucky! Surprise☆Birthday" (Y&Co. 80's Factory Remix) / SoLaMi Dressing

11. "Triangle Star" (DJ BOSS STAR EUROBEAT Remix) / SoLaMi SMILE

12. "ThankYou♥Birthday" (DJ Shimamura's Hardcore Rave Remix) / Laala Manaka

13. "Around the PriPara Land!" (DJ BOSS Cyber Remix) / FriendAll & CelePara Kagekidan


CD jacket illustration




"PriPara Ultra Mega Mix Collection" preview


Song List:

1. "Make it!" -90'S Pop Techno Remix-

2. "Pretty Prism Paradise!!!" -Y&Co. d'n'b Remix- 

3. "Kono Uta Tomareihi" -New Electro Remix-

4. "No D&D code" -Y&Co. Hard Dance Remix-

5. "Marble Make up a-ha-ha!" -Hyper Techno Remix-

6. "Taiyo no flare sherbet" -Super Euro Remix-

7. "CHANGE! MY WORLD" -Blacklolita Future Bass Remix-

8. "0-week-old" -Y&Co. R&B Remix-

9. "Papipupe☆POLICE!" -80'S Style Remix-

10. "Tondemo SUMMER ADVENTURE" -Extra Drop Mix-

11. "Devi & En ☆Reversible-Ring" -Happy Trance Remix-

12. "Jun. Amoré. Ai" -Y&Co. Eurobeat Remix-

13. "Love friend style" -DJ Shimamura's Hardcore Rave Remix-


CD jakcet illustration



Source: Avex's "PriPara" official website


(c) T-ARTS / syn Sophia / TV Tokyo/ IPP Production Committee


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