Celebrate "Sailor Moon" 25th Anniversary with Special Collaboration Watch!

2,500-limited item is now available for pre-orders at 290 US dollars

In commemoration of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon franchise's 25th anniversary, Imperial Enterprise's official online store PREMICO today started accepting pr-orders for a special collaboration wristwatch at 32,184 yen (about 290 US dollars). The 2,500-limited item is based on Citizen Watch's "wicca" brand model for females.  


The cosmic blue-colored dial plate features "The Legendary Silver Crystal," and the symbols of the Sailor Guardians' guardian stars are set instead of the numbers. It contains the "Solar-Tech" system that works with the power of light from any natural or artificial light source. On the back side, the logo of the 25th anniversary and an edition number are engraved. Shipping is scheduled to start in late February of 2018.







Source: Imperial Enterprise press release 


(c)Naoko Takeuchi, PNP, Toei Animation

(c)Naoko Takeuchi


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