Suzuko Mimori Joins "Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter" as Virtual Idol Makina X

She also performed with the unit Wake Up, Girls! at ANIMAX MUSIX 2017 YOKOHAMA

The official Japanese website for the Wake Up, Girls! anime franchise has announced that 31-year-old voice actress Suzuko Mimori is set to voice a new character Makina X (or Machina, means "machine" in Latin) in the ongoing second main TV anime series New Chapter.


According to the character description, she is a Vdol (virtual idol) who is created for a smartphone app with a concept "Bring an Idol to Your Living Room." As her popularity increases, she has widened her activities, such as live concerts and VR stages, and is now getting influence to threaten other real idol groups including Wake Up, Girls! and l-1club. She will be a key character who will be largely involved in the upcoming story. 




Mimori is also a member of voice actress unit Milky Holmes. As a member of the unit, she joined the ANIMAX

MUSIX 2017 YOKOHAMA concert held at Yokohama Arena yesterday, November 23, and performed with the

VA unit Wake Up, Girls!.




Along with other series, Wake Up,Girls! New Chapter is now available to Crunchyroll members worldwide

except for Asia.   


PV "The New Chapter Begins"



Source: "Wake up, Girls!" portal site, official Twitter


©Green Leaves / Wake Up,Girls!3 Production Committee 


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