Rest Well with Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeong Head Cushions

"Hitoyasumi (taking a short break) Head Cushion" will be available in late January 2018

Bandai's official online store Premium Bandai started accepting pre-orders for two new cushions from its "Hitoyasumi (taking a short break) Head Cushion" series, inspired by the head parts of RX-78-2 Gundam and MSN-02 Zeong, two popular mobile suits appeared in the first Mobile Suit Gundam TV series. The former is, of course, the main mecha used by the protagonist Amuro Ray, and the latter is the last mobile suit piloted by his rival Char "Red Comet" Aznable in the climax of the story, the final battle of the One Year War at A Baoa Qu (episode 42-43). 


The deformed head cushions will be available in late January of 2018 at the price of 4,536 yen (about 40.65 US dollars).

Size: Gundam (H38×W34×D35 cm), Zeong (H36×W65×D34 cm).





Source: Bandai Life Division press release


(C) Sotsu/Sunrise


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