Railway Trespassers are Latest "Pokémon GO" Risk-Takers

They must really want that Mr. Mime.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that every fan base will have at least a few fans that make it look bad. In the case of Japan's Pokémon GO players this weekend, the bad fans are a very small contingent indeed, but a very disruptive one. Because out of the more than 20,700 spending the weekend in the mobile app's new Safari Zone, ten decided that the tracks of the JR Inbi Line in Tottori was the perfect place to go Pokémon hunting.


Around 2:50 PM JT, residents called police to report a group of approximately ten people walking along the track. When police arrived at the scene, there was no one on the tracks; however, the incident caused delays of up to half an hour for five trains on the line, affecting somewhere around 800 passengers.


While there is currently no official report on why the people trespassed onto the tracks, it is fairly strongly believed that they were there for the Safari Zone event.



The new Safari Zone event takes place along the Tottori Sand Dunes, and sees the introduction of Psychic types Mr. Mime and Unown into the game. Pokémon hunters will also see increased Ground and Water Poke spawns.


There are no special Pokémon to be found on train tracks, though. Please don't go on train tracks.


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Source: Nintendo Soup, Pokémon GO Hub




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