Dine on Crepes a la Jack the Ripper at "Fate/Apocrypha" Cafe

Red and Black Servants team up for heroic eats and tasty treats.


Animate Cafe has summoned the heroic spirits of rulers, deities, and legendary figures -- to make sure you get a tasty lunch. Their upcoming Fate/Apocrypha collaboration features food, drinks, and merch inspired by the Red and Black Servants of the series.



The menu includes Siegfried the Dragon Slayer's omurice, bagna cauda (a garlicky dip similar to fondue) a la Dracula, and Chiron and Achilles's basil pasta with a side of tomato soup. Finish off with William Shakespeare's orange cake or Jack the Ripper's strawberry crepes. For a drink, try a Spartacus cappuccino, a Frankenstein chocolate milk, or Mordred's blood orange drink (shut up, it's red).


Patrons can also pick up exclusive merch like acrylic standee keychains, dioramas featuring Mordred or Siegfried, pinback buttons, shadow boxes, and a deck of Servant-adorned trading cards.



Fate/Apocrypha x Animate Cafe will be running from December to January at select Animate Cafe locations.


>> Official Animate Cafe Collaboration Site

>> Official Fate/Apocrypha Site

Source: otakomu.jp




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