Watch Ichiro Mizuki Sings "Mazinger Z / Infinity" Theme Song in Action-Packed Music Video

He first performed the theme song for the original TV series 45 years ago

The official website for the upcoming new anime film Mazinger Z/Infinity has released a 60-second music video for its theme song "Mazinger Z/INFINITY Version" featuring singer Ichiro Mizuki in a recording booth and many robot action scenes from the film.


It is a remake of the OP theme for the original Mazinger Z TV anime series aired in 1972-1974, also sung by Mizuki, when he was 24. 45 years after the original recording, Mizuki, now 69, is still very active in the anime song business. The "opening edit" version of the song will be available digitally from December 3, and its full version will be included in the film's soundtrack album to be released on January 10, 2018. 


Mazinger Z/Infinity, set 10 years after the final episode of the original TV series, will open in Japan on January 13, 2018.


"Mazinger Z / INFINITY Version" MV




Latest trailer


Latest poster visual




Source: "Mazinger Z" anime film official website, Twitter


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