Epic Servants Are Front and Center for "Fate/GO" Collab Cafe

Akiba gets a heaping helping of Grail War with "Epic of Remnant"-themed goodies.


As North American servers count down to the arrival of Santa Alter, Japan's Fate/Grand Order players are well into bridge story Epic of Remnant. And to celebrate the burst of heroes and villains in the multi-chapter interlude, Akihabara's SEGA Collabo-Cafe will be rolling out a Fate/GO menu fit for a Ruler.



This particular cafe is more drink-centric than others, with the primary menu offering hot and cold drinks. Get some Artoria Alter hot chocolate, Avenger Jeanne coffee, or a variety of soda and jelly mixes paired to Moriarty, Musashi, and more. Each drink also comes with a coaster featuring original art of the new Servants.



The food menu as it stands is sparse, but promises more entries over time. For now, the shop has revealed a Musashi oden bowl, as well as a Moriarty "Fiftysomething" fish burger and chips.


For dessert, build up your Arts (soda/blueberry), Quick (green apple/muscat), or Buster (cheesecake/strawberry) chain with one of three parfaits. These also come with limited-edition coasters.



The gift shop will also be selling limited-edition clear files and bromides -- so if you couldn't get Okita Souji this month, you can always get a pic of her.


SEGA's Fate/Grand Order Cafe runs from December 8 to January 21, with new menu items and merch rolling out during the course of the event.


>> Official Fate/Grand Order Collab Cafe Site

>> Official Fate/Grand Order Site

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