Special Website for "PreCure" Series 15th Anniversary Project Opens!

Collaboration goods between Kirakira PreCure and Hatsune Miku, Rin/Len are also planned

Toei Animation today opened a special website for its PreCure action magical girl anime series' 15th anniversary project. The series started with Futari wa PreCure back in 2004, and its two main voice actresses, Yoko Honna (Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black) and Yukana (Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White), producer Takashi Washio, and series director Daisuke Nishio posted their comments for the anniversary. While not much information is available now, various plans for the upcoming year are scheduled to be announced via this site. Stay tuned!



PreCure TV series:


1. "Futari wa PreCure" (2004–2005)

2. "Futari wa PreCure Max Heart" (2005–2006)

3. "Futari wa PreCure Splash Star" (2006–2007)

4. "Yes! PreCure 5" (2007–2008)

5. "Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!" (2008–2009)

6. "Fresh PreCure!" (2009–2010)

7. "HeartCatch PreCure!" (2010–2011)

8. "Suite PreCure" (2011–2012)

9. "Smile PreCure!" (2012–2013)

10. "DokiDoki! PreCure" (2013–2014)

11. "HappinessCharge PreCure!" (2014–2015)

12. "Go! Princess PreCure" (2015–2016)

13. "Maho Girls PreCure!" (2016–2017)

14. "Kirakira PreCure a la Mode" (2017–2018)

15. "Hugtto! PreCure" (2018-)



Meanwhile, the franchise's offcial store "Pretty Store" will start offering collaboration goods between

the ongoing TV series Kirakira PreCure a la Mode and the three internationally famous vocaloid characters,

Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len, from December 27, 2017. In the key visual below, the Kirakira

PreCure characters are wersing the well-known vocaloid costumes. You can check out the product 

lineup including stuffed dolls and tin badges here





Source: "PreCure" 15th anniversary site, "Pretty Store" official site


(C)ABC-A, Toei Animation


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