Dragons Take Flight in "Hisone and Masotan" TV Anime

Shinji Higuchi, Mari Okada, and BONES team up for original work about a young ASDF pilot and her dragon


A new project has been announced that is sure to tickle the fancy of any anime fans who have ever dreamed of taking to the skies with dragons: Hisone and Masotan, an original TV anime that boasts a power-house crew including Shinji Higuchi (Shin Godzilla), Mari Okada (The Lost Village), and animation studio BONES. The tagline on the key visual above translates to: "I'm going to soar in the sky with you."


The staff for Hisone and Masotan includes:


  • Original work: BONES, Shinji Higuchi, Mari Okada
  • Executive director: Shinji Higuchi
  • Director: Hiroshi Kobayashi (KIZNAIVER)
  • Series structure: Mari Okada
  • Original character design: Toshinao Aoki
  • Animation character design: Yoshiyuki Ito
  • Mechanic design: Shoji Kawamori
  • Monster concept design: Shigeto Koyama
  • Concept design: okama
  • Military supervisor: Keigo Koyanagi
  • Art design: Akihiro Hirasawa
  • Art director: Yuji Kaneko
  • Color design: Yuko Kobari
  • Director of photography: Kota Sasaki
  • Director of 3DCG: Yota Ando
  • Editing: Hiroshi Okuda
  • Music: Taisei Iwasaki (Blood Blockade Battlefront)
  • Sound director: Haru Yamada
  • Sound effects: Toru Noguchi
  • Animation production: BONES (Mob Psycho 100)



The described as "a heartwarming story...filled with love, laughter and tears", the plot of Hisone and Masotan is as follows:


Straightforward and innocent Hisone Amakasu is a rookie self-defense official. She was struggling with the fact that she sometimes hurts people unintentionally by her innocent words and decided to join in Air Self-Defence, hoping to maintain a certain distance from people. This decision led her to a fateful encounter which profoundly changes her life. It was the dragon hidden in the base and it chose Hisone as his pilot. When it soared into the sky with Hisone, her fate as a dragon pilot was decided. It is said that dragons have a key to the future of the world…


Hisone and Masotan will broadcast in Japan in 2018. An official Twitter feed (@hisomaso_anime) has also been published for Hisone and Masotan.




Official Hisone and Maso-tan TV anime home page


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