"Shin Godzilla" Directors Appear as Themselves in Anime PR Video for Fussa City, Tokyo

Some parts of the mega hit 2016 tokusatsu feature were filmed in the city

Fussa City Commercial and Industrial Association has produced a five-minute promotional anime PR video "Walking through the town with a film director." Two main staff members of Shin Godzilla: Shinji Higuchi (director/VFX director), Katsuro Onoe (associate director/VFX creative director), and Tomoo Haraguchi (Heisei Gamera series kaiju suitmaker) appear as themselves to help the promotion. Some parts of the mega hit 2016 tokusatsu feature were filmed in the city.



A young assistant director, Matsuko, who was struggling to find a location for the drama that was being shot the next week. When she consulted with Mr. Higuchi, Director of Shin Godzilla and Director Onoe, Fussa City in Tokyo was proposed to her. When I visited Fussa City the next day, she met Haraguchi-san, who was engaged in creative activities at the American House in the city during her school days. Looking around the city with three directors, the various expressions of the Fussa

are emerging ...!



"Walking through the town with a film director" with English subtitles





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Fussa is located to the west of Tokyo. The city can be reached within an hour from the center of Tokyo

by train With its shopping areas and restaurants along Route 16 that make you feel just like you’re in

a foreign country, to the Japanese sake breweries from times of old, the Tamagawa river and the Okutama

mountain range, Fussa is a city of many faces, and is certain to offer a great picture. This is an appealing

place that is used for many on-location filming scenes. We encourage you to visit. Visit the Fussa Location

Service website for location filming inquiries.



Source: Fussa City Office press release


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