Enjoy Genuine Chinese Cuisine at "Dragon Ball" Collab Cafe

Osaka's TOKOKURO serves up super-serious dishes that absolutely do not include underwear-shaped tofu.


TOKOKURO, located in Osaka's Hilton Plaza West, is gathering master chefs to cook up authentic Chinese cuisine in the name of Dragon Ball.

The upcoming Dragon Ball Cafe & Diner will be offering show- and character-themed dishes that both evoke imagery from the series and are high-quality Chinese fare. Guests are invited to try one-of-a-kind dishes like:


"Come Forth, Shenron!" Shrimp Spring Roll:


"Let's Get Married!" Hearty Special Plate (serves 2-3):


"Evil Containment Wave" Bang Bang Chicken Jarred Salad


Oolong's "Underwear Wish" Char Siu Ramen


Additionally, you can expect all the cute drink and dessert designs of other cafes:


Four-Star Dragon Ball Orange and Chocolate Mousse:


Fluffy Sunny Cloud Pancake:


Dragon Ball Tree:


Character Art Cappuccino:


And it wouldn't be a collab cafe without some limited-edition merch. So far, the following items have been revealed, with others likely to follow:


Camouflage Goku shirt, parka, and tote (from Capsule Corp):


Natural tone tote bag:


Bulma fluffy dress and headband:


Soft clear keychains:


Baseball jacket clips:


Smartphone covers:


Candy tins:


The Dragon Ball Diner & Cafe runs from December 8 to January 31 at Osaka's TOKOKURO. A second venue will open at Tokyo's Natural Cream Kitchen, running from January 15 - February 28. Select items from the shop will be available at KIDDY LAND in Osaka, Harajuku, and Kichijoji from December 8 - February 28.


>> Official Dragon Ball Cafe & Diner Website

>> Watch Dragon Ball Super on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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