Ash Gets A New Look As Wit Studio And OLM Team Up On 2018's "Pokémon" Anime Movie

Shizue Kaneko (Pan de Peace!, If Her Flag Breaks) offers the latest take on Pokémon hero

In 2016, Pokémon Sun & Moon saw character designers Satoshi Nakano and Shūhei Yasuda give us Mustache Ash. In 2018, Shizue Kaneko (Pan de Peace!, If Her Flag Breaks) will be giving us Pretty Ash as Wit Studio (The Ancient Magus' Bride, Attack on Titan) and OLM team up on the next Pokémon movie. Tetsuo Yajima is back as director on the feature, which has been showcased in a new visual and preview.




 Shizue Kaneko sharing a look


reaction from animator Masaaki Iwane


And, the fans...


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