Anime Fans Choose "Kemono" as Kanji of the Year Because of Course

"Imouto" and "gin" are runners up because, again, of course.


Our viewing habits affect a lot more about us than just our Internet subscriptions and our schedules -- and that's especially evident in the latest poll from Japanese news site Anime! Anime! The site polled readers asking for the "kanji of the year," and the results showed decisive (but overall unsurprising) results about our anime viewing habits this year.


Coming in at #1 was 獣 (kemono), or "beast," thanks to the widespread popularity of Kemono Friends.

Second place was the ever-popular 妹 (imouto), or "little sister" --



And coming in third was 銀 (gin), or "silver" --



The rest of the list, which includes a tie for 9th place and a three-way tie for 6th place, shows a continued love for shows like Mr. Osomatsu and Sailor Moon (or perhaps a new love for Juni Taisen):


4. 友 (tomo): "friend"

5. 松 (matsu): "pine"

6. 兎 (usagi): "rabbit"

6. 輝 (kagaya.ku): "shine"

6. 刀 (katana)

9. 豊 (yuta.ka): "abundant"

9. 再 (sai): "again"


>> Watch Kemono Friends on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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