A Sister's All You Need in "Best Anime Big Sister" Poll

Who have fans voted anime's best big sister? See if your faves make the cut.


Everyone loves a big sister -- strong, reliant, emotionally stable. Or a complete mess who needs a younger sibling to look after them. Either way, we love them. And Nico Nico asked its user base for their favorite big sisters (and big sister types) of anime.


We have the top ten results here. Is your fave in the mix?


10. Miu Amano, Blend-S

9. Mikasa Ackerman, Attack on Titan

8. Mirajane Strauss, Fairy Tail

7. Ai Haibara, Case Closed

5 (tie). Yui Hirasawa, K-On!

5 (tie). Rin Tohsaka, Fate/stay night

4. Cocoa Hoto, Is the Order a Rabbit?

3. Ram, Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

2. Akari Kawamoto, March Comes in Like a Lion

1. Tsukuyo, Gintama

Did your favorite make the top ten? Is there someone you think Nico Nico missed? Let us know who your favorite Big Sister character is in the comments!


Source: Otakomu.jp




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