Voice Actress Yumi Hara to End Her Solo Singer Activities Next Spring

The voice of Takane Shijo (The [email protected]), Lilith Asami (Trinity Seven), Albedo (Overlord)

In the live-streaming program on Nico Nico Live on Wednesday, 32-year-old anime voice actress Yumi Hara announced that her third and last album "YOU&ME" will be released on March 14, 2018, then she will end her solo singer activities in order to concentrate on her voice acting works (she is expected to continue to sing character songs). The 12 song-album will include nine previously-released songs and three newly-recorded ones, including "Ibara no Toutou," which will be featured as the ED theme for the upcoming TV anime Sword Dynasty to premiere in January 2018.


Hara started her professional voice actress career in 2011 when she was chosen as the voice of Takane Shijo for The [email protected] franchise by the audition. Since then, she played Yuko Kanoe in Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (2012), Marielle in Log Horizon (2103-2015), Lilith Asami in Trinity Seven (2014), Albedo in Overlord (2015), Almaria in Ange Vierge (2016), and Shikimi Shiramine in Love Tyrant (2017). As a solo singer, she has released nine singles and two albums, and has performed

theme/insert/image songs for various game and anime series, including Corps Party, (2012-2014),

If My Heart Had Wings (2014), White Robe Love Addiction (2015), Shomin Sample (2015), and Gal*

Gun: Double Peace (2015). 


"YOU&ME" song list

 1. "Twilight ni Kienaide" (Shomin Sample ED)

 2. "BANG!BANG!" (Gal*Gun: Double Peace OP)

 3. "Mizu no Naka no Fantasy"

 4. "Prism Rain"

 5. "Sakura, Gekka ni Mau"

 6. "Like Flowers"

 7. "If you..."

 8. "moonlight story"

 9. "Oh, love to ya!"

 10. "YOU&ME" (new song)

 11. "Ibara no Toutou" (new song/Sword Dynasty ED)

 12. "Yuunagi" (new song/Peace of Mad City theme song)


Yumi Hara



Source: Yumi Hara official website


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