"Azur Lane" Ship Girl Enterprise Boldly Goes Forward in Holiday Art

Eldridge also gets a seasonal makeover, and two more girls get new art and vocals.


KanColle competitor Azur Lane is decking its halls for December, with seasonal makeovers for some of its ship girls rolling out in its most recent update. 


Eagle Union aircraft carrier Enterprise (voiced by Yui Ishikawa) is bundled up for her Christmas outing, looking (as fans have noted) absolutely nothing like Irisviel from the Fate franchise:



Also getting festive is Eagle Union Destroyer Eldridge. The ship of few words has traded in her plugsuit/Vocaloid hybrid gear for something seasonal. Though it looks like her gloves are smartphone-ready.



The Chinese game, which has been taking Japan by storm since its localized version kicked off, is celebrating the season with Twitter giveaways that include Amazon gift cards, autographs, original goods.


Additionally, two Royal Navy girls will be getting a new look and voice options. Comet and Crescent are both voiced by Minori Suzuki (recently Freyja Wion in Macross Delta), and will both be getting these gorgeous new portraits integrated into the game.



Azur Lane opened its Japanese servers last September, and has quickly become one of Japan's most downloaded mobile games. The game is evolving quickly, and has recently also teased the addition of a marriage system similar to that of KanColle.

>> Official Azur Lane Website

Source: Otakomu.jp




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