Meet The Demon Girls Again in "The Testament of Sister New Devil DEPARTURES" Full Trailer

New OVA episode will get theatrical run first from January 27, 2018

The official website for the anime adaptation project based on Tetsuto Uesu's light novel series Shinmai Maou no Testament/The Testament of Sister New Devil posted a 60-second full trailer for its upcoming OVA episode DEPARTURES today. The 60-minute episode tells a sequel story to the TV anime second season BURST (October-December 2015). 


Full trailer


Story synopsis:

After the struggle for supremacy involving the entire demon world settlled down, Basara and the girls have

regained their peaceful everyday life. One day that starts with Mio's "Full of Wrong Bathroom Soap" play,

they go to an indoor pool on Maria's recommendation. However, Mio activates her curse of aphrodisiac by

Basara's accidental action! For Mio who is writhing painfully, Basara decides to take an action in the pool...!?

Meahwhile, Yuki and Kurumi receive an order from the hero village that is making a threatening move.

Basara and the girls' exciting vacation begins in a short holiday!



The 60-minute episode will be first screened in three theaters (Tokyo: Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku, Nagoya:

Fushimi Miliionza, Osaka: Umeda Burg 7) from January 27, 2018, for a limited time of two weeks. Then its

DVD/Blu-ray will be released on March 28. 



Key visual



Source: "The Testament of Sister New Devil" anime series official website, Twitter


© 2018 Tetsuto Uesu, Nekosuke Okuma, KADOKAWA/"The Testament of Sister New Devil DEPARTURES" Partners


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