Fan-Favorite "Digimon Tamers" Episode to Be Rebroadcast Next Month

Japanese fans pick their favorite of the season in honor of new BD release.


Japan's Digimon Tamers fans can expect a big nostalgia boom in April when the whole season comes out remastered on Blu-Ray. To celebrate the release, fans were polled to find out their favorite episode of the season. And the result airs next month.



Episode 43, "Beelzemon's Big Day" ("Tsunagaru Kokoro, Fukkatsu no Belzebumon"), was voted the top episode. The episode sees Impmon seeking out his former owners after a childhood fight left him distrustful of humans.


The episode will air January 4 on TOKYO MX, HD remastered as it will be seen in the new BD release.



The Digimon Tamers BD box will include all the episodes remastered, a new audio drama CD, an improved and updated booklet, and a display box with new cover art. It goes on sale April 3 for 53,800 yen.


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Source: Anime! Anime!




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