Meet the New "Fate/Grand Order" Servants Bringing Chaos to Christmas

This year, the smartphone RPG is doing Christmas in a dark place

This year, Fate/Grand Order is doing Christmas in a dark place. In the Japanese version of the smartphone game, a Merry Christmas from the Underworld event is being presented for players who have cleared Babylonia. New Servants include ★4 Archer Attila the San(ta) - Chaotic Good, illustrated by huke and voiced by Mamiko Noto and 5★ Lancer - Ereshkigal, Chaotic Evil - illustrated by Shizuki Morii and voiced by (of course) Kana Ueda.





Craft Essences include

Merry Sheep - by ERIMO, featuring Hassan of Serenity, Hundred-Faced Hassan and Cursed Arm Hassan


Snow Pirates - art by B-suke, featuring Edward Teach, Mary Read, Wu Zetian and Paul Bunyan

Party Time by Akira, featuring David, EMIYA, Orion and Atalanta

Starry Nights - illustrated by Tabata Hisayuki (though she originally had Rin colored eyes)

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