"Konohana Kitan" Creator Shares Her "KanColle" Doujin

Sakuya Amano drew ship girls at -- where else? -- a hot spring.


Anime and manga creators often create fan works, too -- and as the adaptation of her manga Konohana Kitan airs, manga creator Sakuya Amano is sharing one of her earlier projects with her fans.


Over on Twitter, Amano has posted a link to her Pixiv, where she uploaded a short KanColle doujin back in 2015. The short piece sees a few ship girls heading to a hot spring after an especially difficult battle. (Note that there is technically nudity, but there are no details actually drawn.)


The doujin was originally intended to have a print run, but this fell through -- so it has only ever been released digitally.


A cruise through Amano's Pixiv account features a bit more KanColle art, as well as pieces for Konohana Kitan and her work on the manga adaptation of GOSICK.

>> Watch Konohana Kitan on Crunchyroll

>> Watch KanColle on Crunchyroll

Source: Ota-Suke




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