"Sailor Moon" Gets Some Harajuku Style in New Collaboration

Harajuku's Princess 1 Spoon creates "Sailor Moon" themed collection.


Sailor Moon fans will be able to inject some Harajuku style into their look soon, thanks to a collaboration with Princess 1 Spoon. The shop will be launching an array of jewelry and accessories after Christmas.


All together, 11 items (with various designs) will be on sale, with a pre-sale for 100 lucky members of the Sailor Moon fan club "Pretty Guardians" on Christmas day.


Hitting the shelves:


Shoulder Wallet: (Three styles) 3,000 yen each

Compact Mirror: (Five styles) 800 yen each

Acrylic Logo Charm: (Seven styles) 1,800 yen each

Heart Motif Earrings: (Seven styles, pierced or unpierced) 1,500 yen each


Drawstring Bag: (Four styles) 1,000 yen each

Glasses Case: (6 styles) 650 yen each

School Socks: (3 styles) 800 yen each

Collar Socks: (3 styles) 800 yen each


Scrunchie: (6 styles) 1,000 yen each

Ribbon Clip: (6 styles) 1,000 yen each

Petit Scarf: (2 styles) 1,200 yen each



Princess 1 Spoon's Sailor Moon accessory line goes public on December 26.


>> Princess 1 Spoon Website

>> Official Sailor Moon Websi

>> Watch Sailor Moon Crystal on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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